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Published on April 20, 2010 By slave2son In Life Journals

I am sitting here debating over three different items to get my mother for Mother's day. Last year I made the mistake of getting her nothing and that didn't go over so well. This year I am trying to be ahead of the game. To me it just another one of those Hallmark holidays but that aside I like to treat my mom every once in a while. I always have a hard time picking her out a gift because she is very particular about what she likes.

At first I was going to get her michal negrin jewelry. There are a lot of cool pieces that I think she would enjoy but she always gets hung up on color and right now I am not sure what she likes. Then there are the travelon bags. She travels a lot and so I know she needs this kind of stuff but with the high ticket prices and the new carryon surcharges I have a feeling she is going to be cutting back on travel by plane. Granted she could still use it even if she travels by car. I found this really nice roller bag at a great price but I am not sure if she is ready to replace the one she has now. The last thing I was looking at for her were these. I actually think she would really like this present but I don't know her shoe size. I had to call my sister and leave her a voicemail. So once I hear back from her I will probably buy them for her. What is everyone else getting their mother this year?

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