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Published on March 25, 2010 By slave2son In Just Hanging Out

I just got back from meeting with a good friend on mine at Starbucks and he showed me his new website. He owns a company that is similar to this site just not as successful yet. I say yet because he has been investing a lot into his site. He first went out and recruited some guys to for viral video marketing. This is where you have someone make you a video and then plaster it all over the Internet and hope a lot of people start watching it. The result is a lot of web traffic. Another way of accomplishing this and he has also implemented this is ecommerce seo. It's a complex method of changing your site so that the search engines will find it easier and rank you higher on their pages. This simply allows more people to find your site when searching for something. It has been only a few weeks since he started but already he has seen a huge change in traffic. I am not sure what he paid for this but if it keeps up surely it will pay itself off.

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