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Published on March 23, 2010 By slave2son In Life Journals

One of my nephews has a birthday in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to buy him this time around. This kid is the kid that has everything you can imagine. At first I was leaning towards something like this but I think he maybe a little to old for Thomas the Train. Then my wife reminded me that he wanted a pirate costume because they have been reading him Peter Pan at night. Why the kid doesn't want a Peter Pan outfit I will never know.

So where in the world do you find a pirate costume that will fit a kid in March? The only place I could think of was the Internet so Google here I come. It's a good thing I don't live in China because they would probably block it. I entered the search phrase "toddler pirate costume" and no kidding I had dozens of options to pick from. I got the coolest one I could find and was ready to move on when one of those advertising bars sucked me in. They had lego pirates at very cheap prices and I couldn't resist so I picked him up a couple of those as well. All in all I kept it under $30 so I was happy. The birthday is still a few weeks away so we'll see how excited he gets about these.

on Mar 23, 2010

I am not sure I would be the best person to offer a suggestion as I am a gadget geek and I'm likely to suggest something gadget related. Still I do have 1 of 2 ideas that is not electronic, depending on your budget.

I would suggest something education for starters. LEGOs are, to me, oprobably one of the best toys one can get a child (if they don't lose the pieces that is). I loved LEGOs as a child, there were so many things I could build with them. The sky is the limit when it comes to LEGOs.

Or you can get him something like this Link

on Sep 10, 2012

I think my link is very useful for you, I can't exactly it's perfect for you, But you can check it's all Kids pirates costumes.

on Sep 12, 2012

If you're into that sort of thing, a generic superhero cape can be made for pretty cheap.  Buy fabric and velcro and sew it up!  Now it's a handmade gift, even though it was EASILY handmade.

You can probably find a pattern online.  Kids love this open-ended stuff.  They can be SuperThemself, or Batman, or whatever.

Then, get some legos.

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