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Published on March 18, 2010 By slave2son In Just Hanging Out

One of my good friends just bought a new home in Cincinnati. The wife and I went over to check it out. This place is amazing and completely new. He got a great deal do to the economy once he got past getting approved for a loan. They are still unpacking so there was stuff all over the downstairs but the upstairs was completely put together. he makes good money so his wife can stay home and she kind of prides herself on decorating and that sort of thing. She was the one that gave us a tour. We brought over a bottle of wine as a house-warming gift so we popped that open before we started.

She showed us outside and their amazing pool. They also have a detached garage that my friend stores his cars in. Then we went inside and upstairs. This thing is decorated to a tee. They are from south Florida so it totally has that feel to it. I didn't really care for the colors. Pinks and oranges have never really been my favorite colors. Their bathroom was very overboard. They even had one of those unique shower curtains you see in custom bathrooms. They of course pick out beach shower curtains because nothing else made sense. Their bedroom was huge and they had one of those beds that has the netting over it for not apparent reason other than looks. Seriously the house is beautiful for a design standpoint but the decor was less than pleasing. I am glad that we don't have that problem and honestly my wife and I line up when it comes to decorating our house.

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