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Published on March 10, 2010 By slave2son In Life Journals

Have you ever had a run in with a recruiter? I haven't had to experience that since high school until yesterday when I was at the mall. The marines had a booth setup and there were several guys passing out flyers and showing this promotion video with marines using taser guns to take down terrorist. I tried not to make eye contact but this guy who was about 60 stepped out in front of me and asked if he could have a moment of time. I started to explain I couldn't and he went right on talking anyway.

I listened for but kept trying to look at his bulova marine watch to see how much time he was taking. It was hard to play attention to him because he had a bunch of gold chains that hung from his neck. At the end he asked if I was interested in serving my country for a few years. I told him I respect what he and the rest of the military do for this country but I am not looking to get shipped overseas and away from my wife. He started to go into his pitch again and I simple told him I had to go and walked away. These guys just don't understand no and it was the same way when I was coming out of high school. They would come to my house and school looking for me. I hope that is the last encounter I have with a recruiter.

on Mar 10, 2010

I get you're annoyance with the guy but perhaps you need to take into consideration that they don't persist just because they are persistant people. they persist because it's what they are trained and told to do. Their job is to convince people to join the US Armed Forces. They are told that no does not mean they walk to the next person passing by. They are simply doing their job. I have come across a few navy recruiters myself but they pale in comparison to Jehovans Whitness's, Mormans, Parking lot sales people and the worst of the worst telemarketers.

I say cut them some slack, not everyone is cut out to be a soldier or marine but not everyone who is tries out.

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