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I like to spend a lot of time outside. There are a lot of different activities that I like to do but one of my favorites is photography. My favorite style is urban decay kind of stuff, which usually requires me to be in the city. My otheris taking photos of unsuspecting people as I am walking down the street. I want to catch them in their element but without them knowing it. Once again the best place to capture this is where there is a lot of people so the city. I made a trip yesterday to the downtown business district to do both of these things. I walked around for a while just checking out the scene when I stumbled across this huge guy. He had to be almost 7 foot tall and over 400 pounds of just muscle.

I really have never seen anything like it and to make him even scarier he had on one of those mma hoodies. Not sure if you are familiar with this but its a fighting organization. I quickly grabbed into my Kata camera bag for my camera and just held it by my side. He was facing me waiting to cross the street at a light. It is hard to describe the surroundings but the setting was perfect and I was determined to get a picture of him. I held the camera at my side and angled the lens to capture the photo. We walked right passed each other and the only thing I could think of was it would take one of these to take him down and even then I don't know. I thought I got the shot but after reviewing it on my computer I can see I was moving to much. I wish I had the picture to show everyone. I didn't recognize him but who knows maybe he is famous.

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