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Published on December 26, 2009 By slave2son In Home & Family

My roommates had a baby boy this last year, and he just had his first Christmas.  When I saw them this morning, I asked if they got any cool, fun gifts for Christmas.  Stacy said no, but Ajax, her son got all kinds of cool things.  He got toys out the wazoo!  The thing is that little kids can only play with so many toys, so they get kind of useless after a while.  Great gifts for babies are either very functional gifts, like diapers or aden and anais blankets, or unique gifts like a new gift basket for baby boy.  They got the diapers, but no such luck on any of the other stuff.

As a mom, you have to realize that your gifts are going to be not as cool too when you have a baby.  So, while she was hoping for some jewelry, she should just forget about it.  It's the same way with me and being a homeowner.  My gifts this year were a shopvac and a new faucet.  I wanted both, and our house needed both, but it's not like getting an iPhone or something cool.

on Feb 16, 2010

Yes, this really is a problem with babies.  Baby stuff is so cool, that it always seems you can't leave a store without another cute thing, though what your child really does need is diapers, clothes (they grow so fast!) and other dull things. When my wife and I had our first, we used to go crazy about baby things, so crazy that we would even take a cash advance loan to buy another bear or a music toy.

And very soon our home was a mess, because we had no more place to keep all the toys, and our child still liked playing with papers, cellphones and plastic cups more than with all the toys. Now, with our second one we are smarter and we go for useful things, and ask our friends and relatives do the same.

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