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Published on August 24, 2009 By slave2son In Parenting

My wife and I have been staying with some friends in Burlington, KY for the past week.  We asked if we could come and stay with them for a while and see how they live life.  They have 5 kids, so it's not uncommon to have a messy house with Strawberry Shortcake books and other toys lying around, but the kids do a good job of keeping it all in their rooms.  These are some of the most impressive kids I've ever seen.  They have been trained very well in God's story, and they already have a heart for missions.  They are praying for their friends at elementary school!  They also protect one another very well and have a strong sense of family vision.  This all comes down from the parents, and it's great to see.

On Saturday night, the grandparents were invited over for a meal and a time to share stories about the family.  Grandpa was a military man, and so he game over in his 5.11 boots and other military gear.  He told stories about the war, and the kids were fascinated.  He also told the story of David and Goliath and did a great job of relating faith in God into real life.  It was a great lesson for the kids to learn.  

We don't have kids, yet.  But we're looking forward to having them one day.  There are all kinds of great resources out there for parents, but I think the best training comes from watching other Christian families raise their kids.  

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