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Published on August 24, 2009 By slave2son In Football

The football season is coming back, and I'm getting more and more excited.  Although, I'm a Bengal fan, so optimism has it's limits.  As usual, the Bengals have been their normal Bungle selves and have not been able to get their #1 draft pick Andre Smith into camp.  Mike Brown, who cares much more about his wallet than winning, has decided to be a part of the slotting system, which pays out draft picks based on previous years and other picks around them.  So, the Bengals are hurt again, and more importantly, Carson Palmer will probably be hurt. 

Every single Bengal fan get this, and believe it or not, there are still a lot of Bengal fans.  Cincinnati is a great place for football, and has excellent high school programs.  So the fans that work here and make wooden toy wheels or even the blue collar Cincinnati home builders understand that you need to get Andre Smith in.  Why?  Because Carson was out last year and we went 4-11.  Carson is the Bengals.  Carson is the franchise.  You have to keep him healthy.  Every fan in Cincinnati gets that, even the casual football fans, but apparently Mike Brown doesn't.  

It's frustrating.  That's why there is the Who Dey Revolution.  This is a guy who couldn't take it anymore and has decided to rebel against the system.  Good for him.  I just fear that his voice will never really be heard. 

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