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Published on August 14, 2009 By slave2son In Marriage

It's date night with the wifey tonight, hooray!  I love spending intentional time with my wife.  This was very easy before we were married.  Everything about each other seemed so exciting.  Once you get married, it is very easy to lose this part of your life.  There is much less excitement, and you may even find out you have less in common than you imagined.  That's why my wife and I are on a constant quest to discover more about each other and more common interests. 

Tonight, I think we're going for a local wine tasting.  A nice Alec Bradley Tempus goes great with a Cab Sav.  Lately, I got my wife to start enjoying red wine, and I think she's hooked.  She used to only be interested in sweet whites, but now she's come across to the dark side.  Mhhwwaaa ha ha.  I took a look online for some discount concert tickets as well, but didn't see any band that I really liked in town.  I'm wishing Arcade Fire or Regina Spektor would stop by the Nati.  That would be awesome.  Maybe, we'll just go see a local band instead. 

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