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Published on July 30, 2009 By slave2son In Business


What’s going to be the next big innovation that goes viral?  I was just sitting around with a couple of friends brainstorming new ideas for products.  One was a burger and fry cart that is portable.  Another was an air conditioned tent.  A final idea was city tours through the air.  Ok, so maybe we’re not the most creative bunch.  Hey, I wouldn’t be writing this post if I knew the answer.  I’d be making money on my innovative product. 

America has always been a country of innovation.  It’s what has set us apart in the world.  People, when given freedom and opportunity, can come up with some amazing ideas.  This is documented with our government, economic and social efforts.  It’s also true for the retail world.  We’ve come up with great products over the years.  Model making companies have done well in the past, making items like these Revell model cars.  Toy makers are on top of their game.  They know how to corner the market, get kids interested and then sell to the parents.  This has happend with all kinds of great toys.  Even the apparel market has had great innovations.  I personally love these UFO pants, and who can deny the genius of the Snuggy?  

We’re a country of innovators.  So, what will be next.  I saw this show advertised where people approach venture capitalists to fund their idea.  I’d love to watch that show to see some of the great ideas.  But an idea gets you so far, and you need the money and initiative to follow through.  


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