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Published on July 24, 2009 By slave2son In Business

Have you ever gone on a factory tour?  Yesterday, I got to, and it was amazing.  I was in Mt. Orab, Ohio, which is an old town off of 32.  It's not a bit town at all, and it's definitely got that small town feel about it.  As with many towns, there was a Main Street, and off of Oak street was Cincinnati Dowel.  It was cool that this factory warehouse was tucked back into this nice little neighborhood.  If you don't know anything about Cincinnati Dowel, they are basically the leading manufacturer of hardwood dowels in the United States.  Our guide, Randy, took us around and showed us where the wood is treated and how they make it into dowels.  It basically felt like I was in wood shop in the 7th grade.  The smell of sawdust and a bunch of very cool, very dangerous machines.  They had machines that could basically make any kind of wood product like wood spindles, finials, plugs, buttons and wood balls.  

Some of the boys working there were definitely some good old boys.  I saw a few mullets that could use a pair of these to the back of the head, but they were good people for sure.  You could tell they work hard at what they do.  Overall, the tour was awesome.  I learned a ton about wood manufacturing. 

The tour got me thinking about all kinds of factory tours that are out there that would be cool to go on.  Here's a good list so you can find some around you.  

on Jul 24, 2009

I took a tour of the Beechcraft factory in Kansas.  It was very cool.  We saw everything from single engine planes to corporate jets to military trainers.  it was an incredible experience.

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